Comunicazione politica
Quadrimestrale dell'Associazione Italiana di Comunicazione Politica


Comunicazione Politica (ComPol) – founded in 2000 and published by Il Mulino since 2009 – is sponsored by the Associazione Italiana di Comunicazione politica (Italian Association of Political Communication). It is well established among the academic and scientific community as the leading Italian journal that studies, analyzes and discusses the relationships between media and politics. The journal welcomes all research methods, comparative perspectives and analytical articles that deal with emerging political communication topics in Italy and worldwide. ComPol aims at promoting the interdisciplinary development of political communication scholarship by publishing contributions from political scientists, sociologists, mass communication and new media researchers, linguists, historians, and scholars from other disciplines. It features research on the deep transformations that have taken place in the electoral and political arenas in the last decades. The journal pays special attention also to the ongoing developments in the world of professions related to political communication: political marketing and consultancy, public affairs, polls, media management, and the like, with the aim of stimulating the discussion between academic research and professional work in crucial political environments. COMPOL publishes articles both in Italian and in English, encouraging submissions also from international scholars. All articles undergo under blind peer-review. 

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