Rivisteweb is the most authoritative italian collection of journals in humanities and social sciences. Dedicated to universities and private or public institutions, currently it offers articles from over 80 journals from il Mulino publishing group (Il Mulino publishing house and Carocci publisher), searchable in the full text and metadata, indexed by the major search engines, disciplinar indexes and discovery services.

Most of the journals are at the top of the national ranking system.


For the librarians

Librarians of subscriber institutions have statistics also in Counter format, downloadable metadata and more editorial and commercial informations in a dedicated page.



How to access the full text

  • members of registered institutions can access the full text from autenticated university network and also via proxy
  • individuals and print-only subscribers can buy articles, but not from current year;
  • digital + print subscribers of the current year have corrispondent articles included in the subscription.