il Mulino
Quarterly Journal of Culture and Politics


The journal was founded in 1951 and it represents the beginning of everything that has been created next, starting from the Società editrice. Neither its subtitle is accidental: culture and politics review. Today, as in 1951, at the base of Il Mulino's work there is the belief that every key issue should be analysed from a perspective covering, at the same time, both cultural and political topics through a methodology that considers the power of politics to influence cultural changes as well as the most typical aspects of political-cultural analysis. As in the past, il Mulino follows the same methodology, carrying on the traditional analyses and proposing hypotheses of change and renewal. The articles published on the printed journal will be integrated, day by day, with the contributions published on the website in order to have a confirmation in current events of possible scenarios and an in-depth examination of the perspectives of development and change away from contingency will be analysed in the quarterly issue. Il Mulino is the journal of the homonymous Associazione di cultura e politica. The journal also publishes the contributions of its members.

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