Table of contents of the issue 1/2020, January-April




Origene, Commento alla Lettera ai Romani/2. Libri V-X, a cura di F. Cocchini (D. Pazzini); Vernacular Bible and Religious Reform in the Middle Ages and Early Modern Era, ed. by W. François and A. den Hollander (A. Gerace); T. Müntzer, Schriften, Manuskripte und Notizen, hrsg. von A. Kohnle und E. Wolgast (J. Reinert); The Protestant Reformation in a Context of Global History: Religious Reforms and World Civilizations, ed. by H. Schilling and S. Seidel Menchi (G. Braghi);

R. Florie, Paul Laymann. Ein Jesuit im Spannungsfeld von Wissenschaft und Politik (C. Ferlan); P. Onyemechi Adiele, The Popes, the Catholic Church and the Transatlantic Enslavement of Black Africans 1418-1839 (M.T. Fattori); Droits antiromains. Juridictionalisme catholique et romanité ecclésiale XVIe-XIXe siècles. Actes du colloque de Lyon (30 septembre-1er octobre 2016), sous la direction de S.H. de Franceschi et B. Hours (M.T. Fattori);

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