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Responding to a gap in the current publishing market, The Review of Digital Politics provides an opportunity for elaboration and documentation of processes of political transformation related to digital change. The Review is published three times a year by Il Mulino, open access, and offers peer-reviewed articles in English and Italian. RDP will analyze the role of digital in democratic and non-democratic structures, the changes regarding key players in representative structures, the way processes of production and implementation of public policy play out, changing citizenship profiles, the increasingly mobile divide between public and private, the relationship between digital and security studies, and the analysis of big data and metadata as new sources – and paradigms – of knowledge. The inter-disciplinary approach is sensitive to changes in the information ecosystem that revolve around the role of social media: from the platform society to analytics, from cyberwar to the frontiers of open access digital education. The Review comprises three sections. The first offers essays on the main areas of digital politics. In the second (Focus) authors present an analysis of an emerging theme. The third section (Web Reviews) offers shorter insights into digital sources identified via the systematic work at the Observatory of Digital Politics at the Federica Web Learning Centre, University of Naples, Federico II.

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