Mauro Calise Fortunato Musella

Digicracy – A user guide



This article introduces «Digicracy» – an emerging governance model driven by digital technologies and Ai – presenting it as the cutting edge of digital politics transformation. The presentation consists of the comparison of the definitions of Digicracy provided by three generative Ai models. Key characteristics like algorithmic governance, data-driven decision-making, digital participation, and process automation are examined. Potential benefits of efficiency, transparency, and accountability are weighed against ethical concerns around Ai systems’ transparency, data privacy, and bias. Risks of autonomous Ai-enabled weapons are addressed, advocating regulations ensuring human control. Strategies for States to regulate big tech’s financial and technological power, such as antitrust laws and international cooperation, are explored. A call for public discourse and ethical frameworks to responsibly govern these disruptive technologies concludes the piece


  • Digicracy
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Digital Politics
  • Algorithmic Governance
  • Autonomous Weapons Systems
  • Big Tech Regulation


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