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Highly debated legal, moral, and political issues require (good) reasons to be dealt properly with, if only in view of tentative arrangements. Reasons require, in turn, a deep and unbiased understanding of the problems at stake, which only a careful philosophical analysis can provide. Since 1993, Ragion Pratica has painstakingly offered to its readers, in Italy and abroad, a timely forum of principle on the major puzzles in normative ethics and legal philosophy, always using those topics both as a benchmark for ethical theory, and as a field for testing and enhancing the ideal of a public reason, against any sort of fundamentalist thinking. Each issue contains a part devoted to a specific ethical problem, that is usually entrusted to guest editors, plus a selection of essays, review-essays, and the discussion of a case. Its contributors come from the international community of legal, moral, and political philosophers. Pluralism in ethical allegiances and variety of philosphical perspectives are among the foremost editorial principles of the review.

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