Ricerche di storia politica
Quadrimestrale dell'Associazione per le ricerche di storia politica


Ricerche di storia politica publishes articles ("Saggi"), review essays ("Rassegne") and has several fora ("Rubriche") for debates on topical questions of political history. The book reviews section ("Biblioteca") is the richest of any academic journal in Italy, with particular attention being given to books from outside Italy and to comparative history. In all, over two hundred volumes a year are reviewed by Italian and foreign scholars who deal with the most important topics of the contemporary political history of Italy, the rest of Europe, the Middle East and the Americas. The journal also publishes roundtables, in which history is recalled by its makers. Each edition of the journal presents a review essay on current research in a particular field of political history and the journal also publishes special monograph editions on given themes: in recent years, monographs have been published on the Great War, Leadership in politics and Imperialism. All articles are accompanied by an English summary and keywords and are published only after blind peer review. Ricerche di storia politica is online at the address: www.ricerchedistoriapolitica.it

Referees 2010-2017.

Referess 2018-2021.

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