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    • Marina CavalleroGian Marco Marzocchi
    • A study on the occasion of the Italian standardization of the ADHD Rating Scale-5: Degree of agreement between parents and teachers, character- istics in the population and functioning deficits of subgroups with ADHD symptoms

    • pp. 1-20, DOI: 10.1449/102010
    • Availability: 04/11/2021

Table of Contents number 1, 2022, April

  • ISBN: 978-88-15-38128-6
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  • Vol.: XXVI
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    • Elide Francesca De CaroLisa Di Blas
    • Within-person changes in drive for thinness:A longitudinal study on the predicative effect of actual and reflected body figures and self-esteem in adolescent girls

    • pp. 81-100, DOI: 10.1449/102012
    • Ilaria Castelli
    • The school psychologist in the Italian context: Overcoming the dychotomy «intervention to promote wellbeing vs specialistic intervention on distress»

    • pp. 132-134, DOI: 10.1449/103338