Etnografia e ricerca qualitativa

Founded by Pier Paolo Giglioli, Alessandro Dal Lago, Giolo Fele, Marco Marzano

Table of Contents number 1, 2011, January-April

  • ISBN: 978-88-15-14855-1
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  • Vol.: IV
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  • RDF
    • Laboratori biomedici, tecnoscienza ed etnografia, a cura di Luca Guzzetti e Alessandro Mongili

    • Lorenza Mondada
    • Coordinating actions in the operating theatre. The creation of a common space of vision, action and participation in the interaction

    • pp. 9-38, DOI: 10.3240/34378
    • Mauro Turrini
    • «If I see only Black and White, I won't See Nuances». Styles of Visual Representation and Uncertainty in the Clinical Cytogenetics Laboratory

    • pp. 39-60, DOI: 10.3240/34379