Materiali per una storia della cultura giuridica
Rivista fondata da Giovanni Tarello


Founded by Giovanni TarelloMateriali per una Storia della Cultura Giuridicahas been published as a six-monthly review since 1979. From an historical/theoretical perspective, it collects studies and research articles dedicated to the relation between law, juridical thinking and political-economic institutions. The aims of the Review also incorporate the story of the present, with critical considerations on juridical changes in recent decades (new rights, bioethics, globalisation, artificial intelligence). The Review is unanimously considered one of the most prestigious fruits of Italian research in the field of history and theory of law. The contributors include both Italian and foreign scientific figures of great authoritativeness, along with some of the most brilliant scholars of the last generation. The innovative, original project of the Review has earned praise and widespread recognition at international level too.


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