Pietro Clemente

The responsibility of transmitting/passing on. The guardians of memory and the backpack of the youth

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Informations and abstract

Keywords: social responsibility, social person, place awareness, tradition, memory transmission.

The text reflects on the necessity of having a wide array of experiential memory from the previous generation for the future. Especially memories tied to work, to the everyday life, to the land, and to traumatic events like wars. Oral and written testimonies, and the plurality of the memory of the people are stacked against this identified mechanism of institutional forgetfulness, bound to the idea of progress of modernity. Starting from the research on the peasant’s world in Tuscany and from the research on memory in psychiatric hospitals, the text shows that the knowledge of lived memories and its transmission are essential for today’s society. The text underlines the importance of the relationship between granparents and granchildren in the current situation of generational divide. Furthermore, it emphasizes the importance of being responsible agents for the process of intergenerational transmission, to enrich the future with valuable experiences and stories, and to think about different ways of living for the future.

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Article first page