Valentina Reda

Web reviews. What, how and why



The pace of political change is advancing to the rhythm and space of digital innovation, with direct repercussions for the methods and sources we use to construct a digital politics epistemology. A newspaper article has the timing of a digital publication, and it’s designed to be integrated with comments and referenced in other posts, which produces reactions and behaviors which are then analyzed by algorithms, which leads to targeted advertising, which in turn influences innovation in policy and business. Studying this kind of phenomena, at the speed required to make sense of the political implications, is becoming more and more difficult, and relies on the agility of the analyst as they move between databanks and publications. It is for this reason that Web Reviews focuses on digital sources, those that deal with digital politics, i.e. political phenomena that are fueled by digital data. The aim of this article, therefore, is to present the column, whose title it shares, and to provide an overview of the platform ecosystems – and sources – that the analyses – Insights and Review Articles – that are included in this section of the journal


  • Web Reviews
  • Digital Politics
  • Open Access
  • Catalogues
  • Data Banks


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