Michela Gatta, Marta Sisti, Perla Valentini, Laura Sudati, Emilia Ferruzza

Non suicidal self-injury in adolescence (NSSI). From the descriptive perspective to the motivational dimension

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Keywords: Non suicidal, self-injury, adolescence, self-harm, motivation.

Non suicidal self-injury (NSSI) – a largely diffused problem among adolescents – can be defined as a repetitive behaviour that damages the surface of the body without suicidal intent. In the last few years, the large diffusion of this practice required an increased attention of the psychiatric community and it led to the inclusion of the NSSI in the DSM-V as a condition in need of further studies. This paper is located in the direction of this comprehension process. Specifically, through a review of the literature, the focus of the study is intentionally extended from the descriptive dimension to the motivational dimension, in order to deepen some of the meanings underlying the self-injury behavior.

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