Federico Santi, Alice Cancer, Alessandro Antonietti

The debate on cognitive enhancement: Opportunities and critical issues

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Keywords: cognitive enhancement, neuromodulation, drugs, enhancers, neuroethics.

Advances in research on cognitive enhancement revealed the potential and effectiveness of techniques in modulating human abilities. The possibility of enhancing various aspects of cognition through the use of psychotropic drugs and neurostimulation techniques has fueled a debate on the ethical implications of cognitive enhancement. The aim of the present article was twofold: Firstly, to provide a definition of the most frequently studied cognitive enhancement techniques, referring to the specific domains on which scientific evidence confirmed their effectiveness; Secondly, the paper focuses on the ethical issues raised by the use of cognitive enhancement techniques, emphasizing the distinction between bioconservative and transhumanist positions and discussing the opinions of various authors, to highlight current and potential future critical issues arising from the use of these techniques.

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Article first page