Mauro Barberis

Equality, Difference and Homologation

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Keywords: Equality; Difference; Homologation; Left.

Equality is the question of the day - the deep, true subject of ethical and/or political debate in today's Western democracies. This paper examines two complementary approaches to such a theme, exemplified by two recent contributions. The first approach, exemplified by a Luigi Ferrajoli's book, is static: "equality", here, denotes only the supreme principle of a normative system derived from it. The second approach, exemplified by a reading of studies edited by Fabrizio Mastromartino, is dynamic: "equality", here, denotes also the changing equalitarian tools applied to the neverending struggle for justice. By the way, the paper proposes also a redefinition of "Left" as protection of the reasons of the weakests, and a thematisation of homologation - the dark side of equalization processes.

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Article first page