Lorenza Da Re, Claudio Riva

Encouraging Academic Success with the Tutorato Formativo Programme. The Experience with the Bachelor's Degree in Sociological Sciences at the University of Padua

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Informations and abstract

Keywords: Tutoring; Soft Skills; Italian University; Drop-Out; Empowerment.

The paper presents the Tutorato Formativo Programme, experimented among the academic years 2014/15 and 2016/17 in certain three-year bachelor's degree courses at the University of Padua. It is an adaptation of the Spanish model of Tutoría formativa de carrera (Álvarez-Pérez, 2002; Da Re et al., 2016) and it consists of a program of tutoring, peer tutoring and service tutoring for newcomers with the aim of: facilitating transition to the university context, preventing drop-out, promoting academic success and empowerment of students, enhancing soft skills. In this contribution, we present the hypotheses, the organization and the main results - both in terms of overall satisfaction related to the objectives - with reference to the degree of Sociological Sciences, which involved, during the three-year period, the participation of about 420 students, 9 teachers and 34 tutor students.

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Article first page