XIXth and XXth Century History Review


Contemporanea promotes the exchange among scholars from different generations; a constant interaction with international scholarship; an ongoing dialogue between professional historians and practitioners, teachers and students. Its pages are devoted to a free discussion on research, as well as education and teaching, methods and sources, as well as current issues. 
Based on a thorough peer-review procedure, Contemporanea presents the results of original and innovative researches carried out by Italian and foreign scholars on political, social and cultural issues of Italian, European, and international history from the late XVIII century to the present. Tackling key historical arguments and problems, through a "written" conversation among Italian and foreign scholars in a constant exchange between history and social sciences, the journal is a crucial source of information on the most significant tendencies and topics of the international historical debate. On top of this Contemporanea introduces the reader to unpublished sources and documents with critical and philological introductions by experts of the related fields, and carries critical re-appraisals of historical classics or major works from the past, as well as of the most notable outcomes of the current historical production.

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