Michael Walzer

Ideali di pace nella Bibbia ebraica

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Informations and abstract

Keywords: Submission; Deterrence; Mutual Advantage; Messianism; Pluralism.

In this article, Michael Walzer compares six different ideas of peace found in different books of the Hebrew Bible. The six ideas of peace show important moral as well as political differences. Peace is interpreted respectively: as subjection to an overwhelming force; as a period of "rest" between wars; as made possible by deterrence; or, more positively, as founded on mutual benefit; or as a messianic future. Beautiful as it may be, this last idea of peace has the defect of not being practically possible, though it may move people to do practical things that they did not imagine they could do. The last idea considered here is that of "many peoples", with their disagreements and conflicts, "going up" to the mountain of the Lord for enlightenment and judgment. This vision is defended here because of its realism. It suggests the idea of pluralism ("many peoples") as a permanent feature of human life and international society.

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Article first page