Raffaella Fernanda Alloni, Gaetano Fausto Esposito, Giorgio Patrizi

“Dangerous Relationshipsµ: Few Interdisciplinary Considerations between Civil Economy and Literature

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Keywords: economy, literature, civil, inclusion, equity.

These notes are the result of a dialogue between economics and literature to identify possible links and connections between “economic discourseµ. With no pretention of organicity, is a reflection proposed on the aspects of contiguity between two areas both far from being well defined. The economy, like each social discipline, is the result of the cultural environment in which different theories come up, and it is tributary, but is also the result of a classical-humanistic culture. The comparison develops with a “civil economyµ approach, identifying some basic principles in common with literary theme aspects, here mentioned to identify an area of exchange of topics and arguments. The Sustainable Development Goals – defined in institutions such as the UN – highlight economic, social, environmental dimensions, etc., which can be summarized in two fundamental aspects: “inclusionµ and “equityµ, aimed at a radical reduction of inequalities of various types. In conclusion, we want to indicate the possibility -and the need- that the condition for the achievement of these objectives is placed in the practice of humanitas and fides on a larger scale, translating into concrete operation a civil approach to the economy

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