Edoardo Nardi, Domenica Romagno

A gradient for periphrastic constructions with ειυαι in post-Hellenistic Greek: Between degree of verbiness and event type

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Keywords: copularity continuum, periphrasticity continuum, ancient Greek participle, verbal/adjectival periphrases

This paper addresses the long-debated question of the periphrastic constructions ‘ειυαι + participle’ in post-Hellenistic Greek in a gradient perspective, and proposes a model in which copula desemanticization interacts with the complex system of mapping relationships between formal and functional features of predicate, including voice and actionality distinctions. The analyzed corpus consists of the New Testament and noncanonical Judæo-Christian texts, dating from the II cent. B.C.E. to ca. the VI C.E., in addition to Flavius Josephus’ Antiquitates and Bellum, and a selection of non-literary papyri

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Article first page