Giuseppe Borriello

«Spid vote»: fast democracy and digital identity for citizens in Italy



The paper focuses on the introduction of the electronic vote in Italy, proposing a developmental reading of the phenomenon as the result of a more general transformation of the political system. The article is divided into two parts. The first part defines the different modalities of electronic voting and proposes a historical reconstruction of the main experimentations realized in Italy, with particular attention to remote vote solutions linked to the diffusion of digital identity for citizens. This first step also highlights the importance that electronic voting systems are acquiring on the market with the introduction of two private platforms in this sector, such as Eligo and Skyvote. The spread of electronic voting in the decision-making process of public and private organizations shows the importance of the phenomenon and anticipates what could be future developments for political elections as well. The second part of the work introduces, instead, the concept of «fast democracy», linking the spread of e-voting systems to a more general process of transformation of representative democratic systems in sense of more direct and speedy participation of citizens. In conclusion, to clarify the concept, three empirical variables are identified that are studied for Italy.


  • E-Election
  • Digital Identity
  • Democracy
  • Participation
  • Citizens


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