Gianluigi Spagnuolo

Automated administrative proceedings: the case of the single office for productive activities (Suap)



The legislation on administrative simplification provides for an increasing use of computerization of administrative procedures. The digital transformation of the PA that is currently under way goes further, making it possible not only for certain actions to be automated, but also for entire proceedings to be automatic, such as the automated procedure for setting up a business provided for by the regulation of the Single office for productive activities (Suap). In this type of administrative process, request and proceeding tend to coincide, since the initial application, thanks to the guided computerized procedure, already contains all the elements of the proceeding, including the issue of an automatic receipt which counts as the license authorization, while the administrative proceeding – properly computerized and made interoperable – allows for checks to be carried out which are not only preventive or subsequent, but even contextual to the request. The contribution highlights, on the one hand, the relationship between automatic proceedings and administrative simplification, and, on the other, the current opposing trends in place with respect to the automation of administrative proceedings and procedures


  • Single Office for Productive Activities
  • Blockchain
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Automatic Proceeding
  • Administrative Simplification


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