Susanna Sancassani

Platform thinking e università: verso la netversity



The concept of «netversity», seen as a new direction of evolution of university models so well summarized in the concept of «multiversity» (Sancassani 2021), is the basis of new models of production and reproduction of knowledge where the main point is the connection. Nothing like education determines the creation of value through the interaction between subjects, and the digital dimension is becoming more and more important in this interaction. A recent model for understanding the digitization processes of activities and new value making strategies is «platform thinking», an approach to the design of services that determine the creation of value through interaction (catalyzed and managed by a digital ecosystem), of various subjects often difficult to be traced back to the categories of demand, supply and more, often, labelable as a mix between the two, the so-called «prosumers» (producer and consumer at the same time). Platform thinking can therefore constitute an interesting methodological paradigm of reference for exploring the new university models that will emerge from the progressive obsolescence of traditional «multiversity» models towards the new idea of «netversity


  • Platform Thinking
  • Netversity
  • Learning
  • Systems
  • Digital Learning


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