Corinna Santullo

The Natural Wor(l)d: Care and Prevention in the Anti-Vaccine and Vaccine-Free Horizon

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Keywords: Anti-Vaccination Movements, Complementary and Alternative Medicine, Covid-19 Vaccine Hesitancy, Prevention and Contagion, Natural Immunity.

This paper concerns the rationalities related to the meaning construction about the immunizing practice. It also aims to help the understanding of the radicalisms during the pandemic time, and how «old» anti-vaccination groups reorganize themselves. «Movements for freedom of choice» convey plural claims and ideologies through the using of complementary and alternative medicines: e.g. the perception of living in a toxic world dominated by power relations; the fascination for a natural-way-of-being in the world. It will be seen how the reservations expressed on the Covid-19 vaccine have to do even to do with the dialectic between state and citizenship.

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Article first page