Felice Cimatti

"What can I trust?". Brouwer and Wittgenstein on language and mysticism

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Keywords: Brouwer; Certainty; Language; Mystical; Wittgenstein; World.

In Wittgenstein's post-Tractarian work, what does it take the place previously occupied by the concept of the "mystical"? In order to answer to such a question, I try to explore the conceptual relationship between Wittgenstein and Brouwer, starting from his youth book "Life, Art and Mysticism". The working hypothesis is that Wittgenstein found in Brouwer someone who before him thought his "own" problems, although from a different perspective. The idea is that both Brouwer and Wittgenstein arrive, on the theme of "mystical", to somewhat comparable conclusions because they come from similar premises about the relationship between language and world.

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