Ermete Mariani

Comment on Possamai, Turner, Roose, Dagistanli and Voyce/3



The re-territorialisation and localisation of the cyberspace is surely amongst the most relevant undergoing transformations of the Internet. In this wider context, is of utmost interest analysing if and how the Internet is facilitating the re-territorialisation and to some extent even the creation of an Australian Muslim community. This is the topic addressed by Possamai et al.'s essay. However, the choice of focusing exclusively on the content analysis of three websites without putting them into a wider context and taking into account their social media presence makes the analysis based on too limited and soon out-dated set of information and therefore their conclusions do not seem to be strongly grounded.


  • Muslims
  • Social Media
  • Internet
  • Cyberspace
  • Shari'a


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