Antonio Bartoloni, Andrea Vecchia, Marco Bernardi

The Space Economy Plan: A New Instrument of Industrial Policy

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Keywords: Innovation Policy; Technology Policy; Industrial Research; Innovation Management, Intangible Assets, New Product Development, Private Research; Public Research; Technological Innovation.

The space economy strategic plan has been conceived in order to provide an evaluation of the national positioning and a proposal for an additional investment plan, to be shared between public and private, aimed at catching up this new development trajectory. As a result of a strong collaboration between national and regional institutions, the Plan has been co-designed, focusing public resources on single challenges for the realization of innovative infrastructures related to space technologies applications, through a substantial amount of demand of new public goods. Transparent negotiation has been largely used in the Plan implementation, to obtain solutions tailored to the needs of both modern public authorities and innovative production chains. The strategic approach to the promotion of the national Space Economy can potentially be applied to all the public policies aimed to promote the production of new releases of the public goods required by the citizens (safety, security, health, environment protection, fight against the climate change, etc). This paper is intended to describe the origin and the current status of implementation of the Plan that, according to the authors’ opinion, can be useful to all of them committed to ensure a significant role of our country in the global development trajectories.

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