R. Padovani, C. Petraglia, G.L.C. Provenzano

Matera 2019: Conditions and Challenges to Relaunch an Area

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Keywords: Basilicata; City of Culture; Development.

The aim of this paper is to provide a macroeconomic framework of the conditions and challenges to relaunch an in-sight development process, and on the occasion of an event, «Matera 2019» , whose potentials exceed the boundaries of the city and cover a larger area and the region as a whole. It is a region that is very sensitive to the business cycle called to the challenge of product diversification, to overcome the paradox of its central geographical position and, at the same time, of its isolation in the southern context. In this framework, 2019 offers Matera an important chance on condition that it becomes an opportunity for a «balanced» and «durable» development process. Balanced, because it is not limited to tourism and creative activities, whose potentials have to be promoted as well, but it is also linked to the relaunching of infrastructure and energy, light industry and agribusiness, thanks to integrated logistics too. And durable, because it cannot be limited to a cultural appointment but has to fit into a strategic development plan, whose ben efits for the citizens, and not only for visitors, must continue to accrue over time.

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