Mario Scianna

The ideal profile of a product with Cata data

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Keywords: Cata; Sensory Analysis; Liking Data; Netnography.

Cata (Check-All-That-Apply) methodology is a rapid, efficient and easy way to obtain sensory profile information perceived by consumers in food products. Cata methodology is based on the simple multiplechoice question format, and consumers need to choose just the terms that they consider applicable to the product and if a term is not relevant, it can be ignored. The list of Cata terms may contain not only sensory attributes but also functional and emotional attributes and can be applied to any product. This study aims to be a further example of the application of the questionnaires Check-All-That-Apply for the sensory product characterization by consumer, considered more representative of the market. Through the collection, use and analysis of Cata data it has been possible to estimate the sensory profile of the ideal of a chocolate praline in a position to maximize consumer liking. In this study the list of Cata terms was generated with the use of content analysis, and data analysis was conducted with the aid of XL-Stat software that allowed full automation of data processing.

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