Cristina Rizzi, Franco Fraccaroli, Christian Balducci

Measuring the work related stress: behavioral and cognitive approaches

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Informations and abstract

Keywords: Work Related Stress; Sleep Disorder; Perseverative Cognition; Organizational Neuroscience; Organizational Psychology.

The aim of this paper is to describe research on work-related stress that uses a combined approach between psychophysiology and organizational behavior. This review integrates the previous review (Rizzi, Fraccaroli and Balducci, 2015) focusing on behavioral and cognitive aspects involved in work stress experiences. In particular, we draw attention to: a) anthropometric indexes, such as body mass and abdominal fat indexes; b) sleep disorders; c) perseverative cognition; and d) neural processes associated with strong and stressful work activities. The review shows that a multi-method and multi-disciplinary perspective is developing, building a bridge between the organizational behavior approach and physiological measurements. In the conclusions section we discuss potential advantages of this integration in terms of research (reliability and robustness of the results) and interventions (efficacy and accountability of the outcomes).

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