Adriano Fabris

Philosophy of History and the Neomodern Condition

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Keywords: Philosophy of History; Modernity; Modernism; Postmodernity; Neomodernism.

The paper discusses Roberto Mordacci's book "La condizione neomoderna". By analysing the concepts of «modernity», «modernism», and «postmodernity», the idea of a «neomodern condition» developed by Mordacci in his book and applied, above all, to the contemporary philosophical debate, is widely explained. In particular, the main characteristics of this condition outlined by Mordacci are critically analysed and tested. The conclusion of the paper is that it is necessary today to develop a renewed form of a traditional philosophical approach, that of the Philosophy of History. Only the latter, in fact, is able to provide the framework within which the concepts mentioned above - «modernity», «modernism», and «postmodernity» - can be clearly understood.

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Article first page