Alberto Marinelli

Digital Citizenship Education in the Platform Society



The rise and affirmation of the platform society reshaped production models, patterns of social, public and political life, and shared norms, values and cultural practices. The current scenario brings significant challenges for the training of citizens in the use of digital technologies. A new digital civic education should respond to very complex problems (such as hate speech, cyberbullying, sexting and the promotion of respectful behaviours on-line). In doing so, educators need to reorient the digital skills educational paradigms, adapting them to the new social (and socio-technical) complexity. Such a process should lead to overcome the concept of technical skills, embrace a more comprehensive vision of citizenship, foster a more deep knowledge of digital platforms mechanisms, and develop a critical awareness of the digital dimension of public life.


  • Civic education
  • Digital citizenship
  • Platform society
  • Media information literacy


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