Annalisa Gualdani

Italy ratifies the Faro Convention: what are the implications for domestic law of cultural heritage?



The present contribution has the purpose of analyzing the effects determined by Italy's ratification of the Faro Convention on domestic law of cultural heritage. As regards the notion of cultural heritage, introduced in Italian law by Law No. 133/2020, authorizing the ratification of the Faro Convention, the difference existing with the definition previously accepted in domestic law is emphasized, trying to enucleate the relationship between the two definitions. Through the ratification of the Faro Convention, the previously unknown definition of "patrimonial community" is transposed into Italian law. The role attributed to persons is therefore underlined, which also implies the existence of an important role of the community in the process of identification, safeguarding and promotion of cultural inheritance. The article finally focuses its attention on the nature and substance of the right to cultural heritage.


  • Cultural Heritage
  • Patrimonial Community
  • Right to Cultural Heritage


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