Eduardo Barberis, Alessandro Martelli

Covid-19 and social services in Italy. Emerging trends in the fight against poverty and social vulnerability

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Keywords: Pandemic, social services, poverty, immigrants, (post-)pandemic welfare.

(Post-)pandemic crisis will produce long-lasting effects on inequalities and vulnerability, for those falling into hardships before and/or during the crisis. However, the crisis will affect also the institutional treatment of such vulnerabilities. This article aims to portray a picture of the social welfare during the pandemic. In particular, it focuses on two dimensions and two targets: on the one side, the «macro» regulative dimension of institutional measures at the national level, and their evolution; on the other side, the «micro» operational dimension of everyday practices, described through repertoires collected during the emergency period. These dimensions are analysed in relation to the fight against poverty, targeting both the generality of claimants, and the people with an immigrant background. Beyond short-term destructuring and restructuring processes, this article aims to understand trends and critical issues in (post-)pandemic welfare. First evidences still seem not to display a clear long-term, systematic and innovative policy design. At the same time, social work needs seem more patent: the need for regaining a role in planning and promoting an enabling and community-based welfare seems focal, in order to reform and legitimise the importance and effectiveness of in-kind measures.

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Article first page