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Caso Battisti o casi Battisti? La Francia di fronte al fuoriuscitismo politico italiano

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  • In ïœ
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  • ´ Italy asked France to extradite Cesare Battisti
  • ex member of the seventies movement Proletari Armati per il Comunismo. Battisti legal case soon became an affaire
  • involving Italian and French public opinion. Central points of the debate were relevant historical problems
  • such as Italian history of the Seventies
  • French conception of the right of asylum
  • amnesty
  • extradition etc. This paper analyses all these factors
  • putting in evidence the link they have with long-term history. In the first part we give an overview of the
  • Mitterrand doctrine
  • by which in 1985 François Mitterrand recognized French political protection to Italian political emigrates. In the second part we retrace the origins and the nature of French political conception of the right of asylum and foreigners reception
  • particularly referring to political refugees and to Italian political emigration in France during the Twentieth Century. We retrace continuities and fractures of this history
  • putting in evidence the regularity of some elements like the ambiguity of Italians political emigratesâ€
  • legal status
  • as well of French practices to regulate their presence in France. In the last part we give an overview of others affaires
  • generated by other Italian extradition requests in different historical periods. Taking into accounts and considering relevant historical differences
  • we will examine the continuity of French social repertoires to defend Italian political immigrants. In the conclusions
  • we try to understand when and why this particular form of asylum ended
  • indicating in European integration a relevant factor in this processâ€
  • conclusion


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