Carlo Botrugno

Information and Communication Technologies in Healthcare: A New Geography of Right to Health

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Keywords: Digital health, Right to health, Inequalities, Legal geography, Science and technol- ogy studies.

Contemporary healthcare systems are going through a “digital turnµ, i.e. the progressive incorporation of information and communication technologies into daily practice, with the purpose of improving quality and increasing the efficiency of the healthcare-delivery process. Despite flourishing research in this field, legal scholars have shown a clear inclination for certain issues among which include data protection, confidentiality, licensure and liability. Nevertheless, there remains a need for a more comprehensive approach, through which to address the overall impact of the digitalisation processes on both the right to health and on healthcare system organisation. I argue that such an approach must be intended in terms of a new geography of the right to health, in which space, places, legal provisions, technological artefacts and relations of power converge, reshaping the content of existing rights and leading to the appearance of new ones.

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Article first page