Daniele Ruggiu

The Full Agreement: The Secret Dream of Governance and the Gamification Processes at the Workplace. Gamification at the Workplace, Public Engagement and Models of Technology Governance Rights-Based

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Keywords: Governance, Public engagement, Gamification at workplace, Responsible research and innovation, Human rights.

Gamification introduces videogames elements in non-gaming contexts with the aim of modifying the perception of constraints and stimulating the voluntary assumption of good practices owing to the sense of gratification that they give. This can benefit both the employees (who can find more enjoyable work tasks) and the enterprise (improving the work organisation, efficiency, and productivity). Gamification however challenges both privacy and autonomy of workers. The massive collection, storage, processing of personal data raises several concerns with regard to privacy. Moreover, the employees’ freedom is concerned since the better results for the enterprise are reached through the deep transformation of the workers’ motivation. I hold that the control over one’s own data is specular to the limitation of the sphere of self-determination. Therefore, the implementation of the principle of “privacy by designµ can strengthen also the autonomy of workers and develop responsibility frameworks according to Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI).

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