Sandro Chignola

What is the reality that critical realism speaks of? On “thingµ, “realityµ, “realismµ

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Informations and abstract

Keywords: Realism, Res, Realitas, Agential Realism, Critical theory.

Critical realism adopts a concept of “realityµ and a concept of “critiqueµ that are historically conditioned by a reciprocal schism: on one side a “state of affairsµ, on the other the standpoint that “judgesµ it. A semantic inquiry into the terms “thing,µ “realityµ and “realismµ allows us to gain access to their relationship in a different manner. Reality is a process and an event; the forms of its perception concretely grow together within it. It is therefore in the plan of immanence of a reality understood as assemblage and selection of the possible that we ought to settle critique as the liberation of alternative possibilities.

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Article first page