Simona Sacchi, Marco Brambilla, Stefano Pagliaro, Luciano Barrilà

«The moral law above me»: Moral norms and identification with the superordinate category

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Keywords: morality, social categorization, superordinate group, identification.

Recent research showed that morality is the strongest basis for the positive evaluation of the ingroup. Starting from these findings, the present study aimed to investigate whether the perceived similarity between a subordinate and a superordinate ingroup on moralityrelated norms promotes a dual identification with the lower- and higher-order category. The results revealed that when participants perceived low similarity on moral norms, the positive relation between subordinate and superordinate identification disappeared. The perceived similarity on norms referred to other dimensions (i.e., sociability and competence) did not affect the identification transfer to the inclusive category, showing the specific role of the moral norms in such a process.

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Article first page