Isabella Pezzini

On the Reader’s Side: Lector in Fabula, Forty Years Later

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Keywords: Textual Semiotics; Interpretative Cooperation; Debate on Interpretation; Contemporary Narratives.

This article introduces a virtual debate dedicated to the 40th anniversary of the publication of “Lector in fabulaµ by Umberto Eco. Among Eco’s complete works, “Lector in fabulaµ can be regarded as a fundamental cornerstone: it is both the culmination of previous researches – beginning with “The Open Workµ (1962) – and the starting point for subsequent theoretical developments, through to “Kant and the platypusµ (1997). Regarding interpretation of the text, the fundamental choice made by Eco was to prefer the “intentio operisµ over the “intentio auctorisµ and the “intentio lectorisµ, acknowleging the text with an internal structure that provides a precise set of reading instructions. This idea has been exported from the literary text to many other semiotic fields, and also maintains a fundamental relevance also in the contemporary panorama of new forms of narration and media enterteinment. Keywords:

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Article first page