Alvise Mattozzi

How can we inherit from Paolo Fabbri? Semiotic’s mediation and sociology’s blind spot

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Informations and abstract

Keywords: Inside/Surrounding, Mediation, Methodology, Text, Virtual/Actual.

The present contribution intends to propose a «recipe» in order to inherit from Paolo Fabbri, assuming the essay «Sguardo semiotico e malocchio della sociologia» as a keystone of his inheritance. First, the present contribution highlights the specific features of Fabbri’s essay, which set the stage for the development of the strand of semiotics he proposed and contributed to develop – the interrelated notions of text-culture, semiotics as methodological intermediary, mediation as the implicit object of study of semiotics. Then, by focusing on the notion of text as unit of analysis of semiotics characterized by an articulation made up by two tensions – inside/surrounding and virtual/actual –, the present contribution identifies, also contrastively by critically considering what sociology and other strands of semiotics do, the steps to inherit from Paolo Fabbri.

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Article first page