Paolo Barabanti, Mariagrazia Santagati

Excellent students with an immigrant background: the school-level as a factor of success

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Keywords: School Achievement, Students with Immigrant Background, Resilient Students, School Effect, Educational Equity

In recent times, in the debate about (in)equalities in education, the issue of unleashing every student’s potential has taken interest. This line of research has been gradually evolved, on one hand, in analysing resilient students’ paths, especially those concerning students with immigrant background, and, on the other hand, in considering the importance of the school context as a way to promote disadvantaged students’ achievement. This article aims at pointing out features about school settings and educational frames able to bring out talented students, using both quantitative secondary data and an original qualitative documentation, based on autobiographies of high-achieving migrant students in the province of Brescia.

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Article first page