Maurizio Carta

Vanguard cities of the Neoanthropocene

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Keywords: Paleoanthropocene and Neoanthropocene, ecological crisis, ecological transition, communities of courage, «Augmented City»

Many of the issues relating to landscape conservation are linked to the crisis of a development model that has caused the ecological crisis that becomes increasingly serious and evident. This is the subject of this article. The author illustrates how the conservation and enhancement of the landscape in all its meanings requires the abandonment of the erosive, extractive, pervasive, uneven and conflictual Paleoanthropocene to enter with decision and responsibility into the «Neoanthropocene», a new era in which humanity, instead of being the problem, projects and puts into action the transition towards sustainable development, reactivating the ancient alliance between human, cultural and natural components as co-acting forces. Communities of people take care of the nature and culture of their palimpsests, which experience a new circular urban metabolism, the recovery of craftsmanship and innovative manufactures, the local rooting of sustainable mobility infrastructures and the global connectivity of digital infostructures, the interconnection between green networks, cultural frames and slow life cycles, the diffusion of technological skills and innovation within local administrations.

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