Dirk Schmücker, Ulf Sonntag, Nadin Kaboth, Ryan Zidago

Measuring the impact of «shared accommodation» in city tourism. New data on Italian cities and regions

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Keywords: City Tourism; Sharing Economy; Digital Platforms; Tourism Statistics; Tourism Accommodation.

This paper follows the former publication «Measuring the impact of 'shared accommodation' in city tourism» in Economia della Cultura (1-2/ 2018), and aims to adapt its contents to recent developments and, at the same time, to shift the focus towards Italian cities and regions. We retrieved data for seven Italian cities (Bergamo, Bologna, Florence, Milan, Naples, Rome, and Venice) and for two regions in southern Italy (Puglia and Sicily) from the website insideairbnb.com. This website is edited by Murray Cox, an independent «community activist» and the designer John Morris.

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