Maria Elizabeth Grabe Erik Page Bucy

Towards diagnostics and mitigation of polluted information ecosystems. Historical and philosophical considerations

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As legitimate and voluminous as vexations about disinformation are, intended and unintended injury to information integrity – and to individuals consuming compromised content – are not new phenomena on the socio-political landscape. The circulation of exaggeration and lies is an historical reality of human self-organization. Yet the volume, velocity, and variety of contemporary disinformation makes an infodemic diagnosis a reasonable one and the successional levels of disinformed citizenship a legitimate concern for democracy’s preservation. In light of this threat, we trace the salient trajectories and philosophical fault lines related to disinformation and offer diagnostics and present-day mitigation strategies for this hazard.


  • Disinformation
  • Post-truth
  • Epistemic disorder
  • Infodemic
  • News and democracy
  • Integrity on information


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