Tiziano Treu

Mengoni: giurista del lavoro e giudice costituzionale

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The Author analyses the personality of Luigi Mengoni as a Labour Law scholar and as a judge of the Constitutional Court. As a judge of the Constitutional Court, Mengoni faced many delicate questions which he had already studied as a Labour Law scholar. Among them the Author recalls: the techniques of balancing different interests in the matter of strike in essential services; the legal limits to collective bargaining; the collective agreements in the area of management of enterprise; the principle of equality in differentiated social protection benefits; the re-evaluation of credits for social protection and social assistance benefits; the complementary pensions funds and the principle of solidarity. The analysis about these issues shows how Mengoni was worried not only by the balance of different interests, but also by the principle of universalism, considered as an aspect of the principle of justice, which is to be interpreted in the light of the general interest of the whole community.

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