Stefano Costantini

Rapporti di lavoro a termine e stabilizzazione dell'occupazione precaria

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The author analyzes the prospects of stabilization of temporary employment for workers engaged with labour contracts marked by fixed or determinable term. Particularly, the study is based on the legal disciplines of "new" fixed-term contract (as amended by Act n. 368/2001), of temporary work by agency and of the new "project employment" contract (as regulated by articles 20-28 and 61-69, Act. n. 276/2003). In the last part of the essay, the author takes into consideration the legal dispositions which can expose workers to the risk of the passage from a "standard" employment to a precarious one: the focus is on the abrogation of the legal prohibition to employ workers with time-labour contracts in the productive units where there have been collective dismissals, work suspensions or working time reductions, during the six previous months (as provided by articles 3, Act n. 368/2001; 20 and 34, Act n. 276/2003).

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