Simonetta Renga

La protezione sociale dei lavoratori a tempo parziale, ripartito e intermittente

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The paper tries to individuate which elements in the structure of part time and intermittent work and of job sharing give rise to gaps in social protection. In particular, the elements that cause gaps in terms of social protection are: the working time reduction, especially when performed on a vertical base, as regards part time work; the variability of working time and of the temporal collocation of work, in relation to job sharing; the working time reduction, the term and the existence of periods of availability with the payment of the correspondent indemnity, as regards intermittent work. The Author focuses upon the fact that the major restrictions to social protection of non standard workers are caused by the functioning of the principle of proportionality. Limits to this principle can be found on the principle of adequacy and on the principle of non discrimination.

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