Guido Sirianni

Parliamentary incompatibilities in the formative era of the Italian Republic: from the Constituent Assembly to the Sturzo law

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Keywords: Ineligibilities; Incompatibilities; Constituent Assembly; Corruption.

The article deals with the ineligibilities and the parliamentary incompatibilities during the formative phase of the Republic, namely on the newly adopted 1953 Sturzo Law (Legge Sturzo) n. 60. The text examines the solutions adopted in the electoral laws of 1946 and 1949, the direction taken by the Assembly in the drafting of the Basic law, the evaluation and orientation of the inquiry committee of the "11" established by the 1947 Assembly to investigate members of the 3rd De Gasperi government and a significant number of parliamentarians on corruption charges. Subsequently, the paper dwelves into the reasons, pushed by Sturzo and Calamandrei during the first legislature, which brought about new stringent parliamentarian incompatibilities and limitations on the possibilty for former ministers to undertake new positions.

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